February 2012


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Volume 2, Number 2

February 2012

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Pacific Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association

January 27-28, 2012


Richmond, BC



Garmin 796 is now in stock!

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Aera 796 upright





Northwest Aviation Conference and Tradeshow


Come visit our booth on

February 25&26, 2012


Western Washington, Puyallup, WA




Helicopter Association of Canada

Mar. 16-18, 2012

in Ottawa



A young and foolish hotshot pilot wanted to sound cool and show who was boss on the aviation radio frequencies.


So, this was his first time approaching an airfield during the nighttime.


Instead of making an official landing request to the tower, he said:

“Guess Who?”


The tower controller switched the field lights off and replied:

“Guess Where!”




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New Product

Garmin Announces G500H Program for Robinson R44 Helicopter

G500H in R44
G500H in R44

Garmin announced this week that the G500H is certified for installation in the Robinson R44.


This is exciting news for R44 operators who now have the opportunity to upgrade their panel to glass and benefit from all of the enhanced situational awareness tools this system offers including Helicopter Synthetic Vision Technology (HSVT) datalink weather aG500Hnd a video input display.


To learn more about the G500H and Garmin’s other helicopter solutions, call us anytime at Maxcraft or email us at sales@maxcraft.ca

In the hangar

Citation BravoGGQF  Panel

Maxcraftrecently completed the avionic upgrades for the second of two Cessna 550 Citation Bravos. Bravo Interior 2

On this aircraft the Maxcraft team upgraded the traffic avoidance system to a TCAS II and the flight management system to the latest WAAS FMS from Universal Avionics. We also installed new AC outlets in the cabin and a new 406 MHZ Elt with navigation interface. While having the upgrades done, a new interior was put in by Port Interiors, including a beautiful wood inlay cabinet and custom leather seats.Bravo Interior


Once the aircraft was completed, our crew chief, Wade, accompanied the aircraft on its repositioning flight to ensure everything was working. Check our blog for more details and the video. blog with video


The Mooney is back!

The Mooney came back. After some deliberation by the owners about traffic concerns, Mark decided to come back and have more work done on his 1977 M20J Mooney. He brought his aircraft to Maxcraft in 2011 for a full panel upgrade including a new Garmin GTN 650, an Aspen glass PFD, and our custom Maxcraft Panel. Pleased with the previous work, he came back for more.


This time, we removed the Zaon PCAS System, added a Garmin GTS 800 Traffic System and upgraded his Aspen with Synthetic Vision Technology.


This aircraft has everyone excited with all the new upgrades and Mark now has a very safe aircraft to fly with his family.

  Mooney upgrade
Mooney panel

Technical Side…
Status Update – GNSS & WASS in Canada

After a long slow start NAV CANADA has made some real progress in adopting GNSS (GPS and WAAS) technology. The following statistics were published NAV CANADA’s Tech Watch bulletin in late 2011: WAAS CZBB

  • Over 700 RNAV (GNSS) procedures are now published in Canada.
  • There are 81 published RNAV STAR procedures in use at 20 Canadian airports.
  • There are 45 published RNAV SID (GNSS) procedures.
  • There are 57 LPV approaches, supported by WAAS published to date.

GPS and WAAS based approaches are charted as RNAV (GNSS) approaches.

  • Non Precision LNAV (lateral navigation only) and “Overlay” approaches can be flown using older GPS (TSO-C129/129a) certified avionics or WAAS (TSO-C145a/C145b/C146a/C146b – any class) certified avionics.
  • LNAV/VNAV (lateral/vertical navigation) approaches must be flown with WAAS (Class 2 or 3) certified avionics or alternatively a multi-sensor FMS with BARO VNAV capability.
  • LPV (localizer performance with vertical guidance) approaches may only be flown with WAAS (Class 3 or 4) certified avionics.

Benefits of WAAS

With WAAS, the accuracy, integrity and availability of en route, terminal and approach guidance navigation have improved to the point where NAV CANADA is planning to decommission some ground-based aids while improving level of service at some sites.


There is also a significant safety benefit as WAAS makes possible “localizer performance with vertical guidance” (LPV) approaches with limits as low as 200 feet where terrain, runway equipment and aerodrome certification permit. This means that an LPV precision-like approach with both lateral and vertical guidance can be flown using WAAS at any qualifying airport within WAAS coverage.

Vendor Profile

Port Logo

Port Interiors

Port Aircraft Interiors

Port Aircraft Interiors are leaders in aircraft interior refurbishing, repair and overhaul. Having refurbished a significant number of Sikorsky, Bell, Cessna, Eurocopter and Hawker aircraft, to name a few, they are proudly able to claim that they are experts within their industry.

Blackcomb Interior


We are pleased to have Port Aircraft Interiors as our preferred vendor for aircraft interiors. Port Interiors are willing and able to work at our Maxcraft facility to refurbish, complete and repair aircraft interiors, thereby coordinating and coinciding with the time that the aircraft is in our shop for avionics work. It’s great for the customer to have both done at the same time to minimize the cost and time that the aircraft is on the ground.

Blackcomb 2
Blackcomb Interior






Port Interiors is located in Langley, BC. With superior craftsmanship, their staff has such diverse skills that their attention to detail defines the difference between average and exceptional. They are also able to rely on high-tech machinery to give the customer consistent and precision products.



Port Interiors works with very different kinds of aircraft: from Cessna’s to Helicopters, corporate to GA; for leather yokes to customized colors, Port is able to suit your needs.


Custom seat in Mooney
Mooney Interior
Leather yoke

Who’s Who at Maxcraft?

Who is Wade?

Our featuredWade at work team member this week is Wade Ouellet. As an AME-E (aircraft maintenance engineer), Wade is one of our experienced avionics technicians. His role at Maxcraft as one of our crew chiefs is to help manage specific installation projects, and also help in the daily troubleshooting of broken or malfunctioning avionic systems.


While Wade typically sticks to the fixed wing side, about a quarter of his avionics life before coming here involved rotorcraft.

Wade has worked on everything from installation and repairs on Citation 550s, Beechcraft 1900Cs, Twin Comanches and Malibus to handling avionics training carts for such clients as Fanshawe College.


Wade also helps out as our health and safety representative at Maxcraft.


Wade’s favorite thing about avionics is the challenge of learning new technology and understanding the user interface from buttons, knobs and touchscreens in the panel right down to the sensor and wire.


Licensed since 2004, Wade has been involved in this industry for 10 years come April. Wade has been with Maxcraft for over a year now and prior to that was at an Avionics facility in Edmonton as their installation manager and previous to that with North Cariboo Flying Services.


Getting interested in avionics was his Uncle Johnny’s fault. After seeing CF-18s in action at the air shows, he decided to focus on a career in general aviation. While not a pilot (which he does intend to one do one day), Wade attended Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton where he earned his Avionics Engineering Technology diploma.


On the personal side, Wade comes from a huge family in Alberta. He’s an only child and has two cats (who battle daily) and he loves bacon!